Saturday, March 12, 2011

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings - Things To Consider Before Buying

Summer 2011 is on its way and there's lots of love in the air! Some of you may even decided to take the most important step in their lives, and propose your loved ones. In my opinion, now is the best time of the year to do it. Success rate is very high when you make your proposal between late February and mid-June. I do not possess any kind of proof about this, but I do have a very strong gut-feeling that I'm right. No matter what season you choose, the princess cut diamond engagement rings are by far the most romantic way to ask her hand, and with them you will also guarantee the uniqueness of the ring that she gets around her finger. In this article I'm going to give you a few tips how to choose the ring.

First thing to do is to form a picture about what kind of ring you are looking for. What are your girlfriend’s wishes and desires? If in doubt, feel free to ask her relatives and friends for more information before making a purchase. When you have enough details to start shopping, choose the price range first, very common sum of money most people spend for their engagement rings, is around the same what they make in two to three months. The next you need to decide what type of stone; will it be regular colorless, pink or black etc? Look at the consistency of the color of the stone; make sure that it stays the same throughout the diamond.

Then choose the carat and the cut. This may be surprising to you, but when it comes to colored diamonds, the color itself is more important than the size. Rule of thumb : More colorful = More expensive. The cut is what determines if the stone is beautiful sparkling stunner or totally lifeless. If you want to buy a pink, or some other colorful diamond, then make sure that the cut is marquise, princess or round, because these type of cuts show the color of the stone in best possible way.

Finally choose the material of the ring. If your girlfriend likes silver, then get Sterling. If she likes platinum, which is a great choice in my opinion, with princess cut diamond engagement rings especially, then go for it! However, if you decide to get gold rings, make sure to get proper 18k gold ring, because top quality diamond deserves to be mounted to high quality ring, right?